My shadow and me

They’re a funny lot, shadows are.

Always there with us, even when we forget about them.

the gazelle's shadow

As a kid, I liked my shadow.

When I was little, on a sunny day I’d often find myself trying to outrun it. I’d jump side to side, take off at a sprint, or try and spin around really fast.

playing with my shadow

I’d watch it mimic my movements, and I liked how it reflected me.

My shadow was always there, and I liked it that way.

friends forever

But, as I grew up, I stopped paying attention to my shadow.

In fact, I forgot all about it.

sad shadow

Until one, not so specific day, my shadow started to grow.

Angry shadow

It grew and it grew until, eventually, it outgrew me.

shadow taking over

It was always there, and I hated it.

I could jump side to side, take off at a sprint, or spin around really fast, but there was no escape.

time for some changes

I tried to run from it.

But no matter how hard I ran, I couldn’t outrun my shadow.

All I could do was mimic its movements.

All I did was reflect it.

never a runner

And then, one very specific morning, I woke up before runrise for a long slow jog.

Running in the dark, I knew my shadow was there, but I couldn’t see it.

I liked it that way.

But soon the sun rose, and my shadow started to grow ahead of me.

go away shadow

At first, it was just a blob of dark grey at my feet.

But then, it got bigger and bigger until, eventually, it was huge.

It just hovered in front of me.

Suddenly, I realized it would always be there.

Because, like it or hate it, my shadow was part of me.

shadow's always there

I thought about stopping, and I thought about giving up the jog.

I thought, maybe, I should just quit altogether.

go home failure

It was then that I came to a bend in the road, so I slowly turned around to head home.

And, as I did, a peculiar thing happened.

When I turned, so did my shadow. I watched it move around me until, finally, I couldn’t see it anymore.

fighting back

Sun on my face and a clear path ahead of me, I thought about stopping, and I thought about giving up the jog.

But then I thought, maybe, I wasn’t ready to quit.

keep trying

I glanced back.

My shadow was still there.

But it was behind me.

It was behind me because I’d put it there.

Suddenly, I realized I was the one in control.

who's the boss

Now, nearly every morning, I wake up before runrise and watch my little corner of the world change from dark to light.

As I run, my shadow grows ahead of me.

Positive thinking

But I don’t mind that it’s there.

And I don’t ever want to forget that it is.

Now, when it grows too big, I know that it’s time for me to make that turn and run towards the sun.

I'm going to be okay

Because, now, I know that I’m the one in control of our direction.

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